Year 2020, Volume 3 , Issue 1, Pages 11 - 21 2020-01-01

Construction of a Policy Analysis Matrix PAM for Fruits and Vegetables Export Process in Bangladesh

S.m. Zahedul Islam CHOWDHURY [1]

The study is planned to estimate export potential of selected agricultural exportable products fruits/vegetables by estimating protection and competitiveness of these products in the international market. While doing so, it will differ from the existing literature by estimating and incorporating policy and natural barriers in the estimation. Natural barrier can be defined as transaction cost incorporating both implicit and explicit cost. Real life transaction cost will be estimated through collecting information from different market actors and exporters. By incorporating this cost in the estimating protection nominal and effective and in Policy Analysis Matrix PAM , the research will show relative importance and effect of different barriers policy/administrative barriers etc. in export. Through PAM analysis, it will also show different policy options available for the exporters.
Policy Analysis Matrix PAM, export, policy barrier, natural barrier, fruits, vegetables
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Author: S.m. Zahedul Islam CHOWDHURY
Institution: Institution/Affiliation: Research Fellow, Bangladesh Institute of Development Studies (BIDS), Dhaka-1207, Bangladesh


Application Date : May 7, 2021
Acceptance Date : May 7, 2021
Publication Date : January 1, 2020

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S.m. Zahedul Islam CHOWDHURY [1]